Get to Know Us

Investing in the soil yields healthy plants;
Investing in the soul yields healthy people.

It’s All About
the People

We’re a group of hard-working and passionate people, determined to make a difference in our community of Bonton and others like it. We live and work with an inspired sense of purpose to restore health, create jobs, and ignite hope in everyone around us.

Meet the Team

Daron Babcock Executive Director
Theda Babcock CFO/COO
Matthew Trogdon Vice President
Danny George Farm Manager, Bonton Farms
Kimberly High Farm Manager, Bonton Farms Extension
Trey Holloway Project Manager
Patrick Wright Sales & Marketing
Alexis Bowyer Volunteer Coordinator
Doris Young Farmer
Bobbie Doxey Farmer
Quentin Mitchell Farmer
Johnny McElroy Farmer

We're on a Mission!

Fresh Foods

Growing a Healthy Community

Meaningful Work

Creating Jobs for a Community

Sharing Life

Igniting Hope in a Community

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