Growing Hope Through Agriculture

What is Bonton?

For the last 200 years, racial injustice and systemic oppression prevented opportunities in Bonton that were a given elsewhere. The people here experienced higher rates of diabetes, stroke and cancer, and 48% of residents lived in poverty. Residents have been denied access to the seven human essentials that are necessary to survive and thrive - health and wellness, economic stability, safe and affordable housing, transportation, a sense of belonging, education and access to fair credit. Today, the community is transforming, and healing is coming from within.

Who We Are

What started out as a garden in a small lot has grown to two fully functioning farms, a Farmer’s Market, a Café and Coffee House. We continue to grow organic food and hope for a better tomorrow right in the Bonton community, but we are addressing more of the barriers residents are up against so they can access all seven human essentials. Working alongside residents to transform the community, we support our neighbors in redefining the norm in their community so they may have a fighting chance at life.