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Cups Overflowing

Goal reached! Thank you to our 30 new Friends of the Farm. Whether you snagged a handmade mug or learned more about our mission, thank you for your support for #CupsOverflowing and the farm!

Alone, a cup is just a cup. But when filled and shared with friends, a cup builds hope and community.

In our South Dallas community called Bonton – a “food desert” where 63% of residents lack personal transportation – the nearest grocery store is a 3-hour round-trip bus ride away and processed foods bought from beer and wine foods are the norm, causing poor health and even lower productivity.

All that is changing – thanks in part to our small urban farm, and we’re looking for new friends to help us in our mission.

Through September 1, we’re sharing a special gift with our newest Friends of the Farm. The first 30 friends to pledge a donation of at least $10 monthly and share #CupsOverflowing in our donation feed will receive a handmade ceramic mug made and donated by a local Dallas artist to benefit our community, in addition to a thank you gift from the farm.

For what it takes to share a cup of coffee with a friend each month, you’re helping us restore lives, create jobs and ignite hope in the most forgotten and neglected neighborhoods for the most marginalized and vulnerable people.

Alone, a cup is just a cup. But when shared with friends, our cup overflows.

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3 thoughts on “Cups Overflowing

  1. Interested in learning more about the farm. . .

    Opportunities available for volunteers to assist the vets with healthcare for the farm animals?


  2. try to help by selling honey in my gift shop. Daron sends to his mother Karen and we get it from her. Do not sell for profit………..only sell to help. Daron and his group have done an amazing thing in this community and they have all pulled together to help themselves and those who can’t. This is a gift from God!

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